Dre Fanny Robichaud, PhD

Collaborator, Agriculture, environment, and health


Trained as a nurse, Ms Robichaud began her career in a CLSC in a rural area, working with young families and adults in vulnerable situations, facing mental health or social challenges.

A professor of mental health at UQO since 2004, she is committed to developing and publicising the role of mental health nurses, challenging stereotypes, and breaking down barriers between clinical practice and research by establishing partnerships that deepen our understanding of the relationships between different living and working contexts and the mental health of individuals, families and groups.

With a doctorate in psychology (research profile) and having completed the clinical doctorate in psychology, Fanny is involved in a number of action research projects that aim to give a voice to and highlight the expertise of participants in their own experience. Through her personal and professional career, including supervising internships in emerging countries, she has developed a concern for the impact of human activities on the environment, as well as the consequences of climate change on the mental health of the general population, particularly vulnerable populations.

For Fanny, current environmental and public health issues, as well as the increase in the world's population, highlight the central place of agriculture in our lives. Dr Robichaud believes that farmers, as the pillars of our societies, face major challenges, and that mental health researchers should try to better understand the impact of these challenges on farmers' mental health.

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