At Seedcha, our reach extends far beyond Canada’s borders to a diverse international client base.

Government institutions at all levels: federal, provincial and municipal

Professional associations representing various sectors of activity

Innovative agricultural businesses and SMEs seeking growth

Large corporations from multiple industries

Key players in the agri-food sector, from production to distribution

Knowledge institutions, including research centres and international cooperation organisations.

International organizations: World Bank, United Nations Development Programme (UNDP), Organisation for Economic Co-operation and Development (OECD), European Union (EU)

Our commitment is to provide tailor-made solutions, adapted to the unique challenges of each client, whether based in Canada or internationally

Unrivalled expertise, an elite team at your service

At Seedcha, we tailor our services to precisely meet each client’s needs. Our offer includes :

  1. In-depth analysis of economic and political dynamics in the agri-food and environmental sectors
  2. In-depth studies of international trade and markets, both domestic and international
  3. Expertise in fair trade and its impact on supply chains
  4. Development of robust business plans and detailed analysis of production costs
  5. Design and implementation of surveys, coupled with expert data management
  6. Strategic planning support to guide your growth
  7. In-depth competitive assessments to help you stand out in your markets
  8. Inspirational conferences and customised training for your team

Our highly qualified team offers you unprecedented expertise, guaranteeing results that will exceed your expectations.

Expertise in development and international cooperation

Seedcha supports your international projects with a range of specialised services:

  1. Strategic support for development projects :
    • Rural and agri-food initiatives
    • Local, municipal and community development programmes
    • Management of community funds
  2. Full project management :
    • Agri-food sector
    • Sustainable management of community forests
    • Development of riparian land
  3. Feasibility studies and targeted analyses :
    • Market, technical and economic assessments
    • Analysis of agri-food sectors
    • Expertise in timber and non-timber forest products
    • Organisational diagnostics and capacity-building plans
  4. Expertise and prospecting missions in the field

Our team of international experts guarantees you high-quality support, from design to implementation of your most ambitious development projects.

Cutting-edge environmental expertise

At Seedcha, we put our know-how at the service of the environment and sustainable development:

  1. Sustainable development strategies: Developing innovative action plans for responsible growth
  2. Environmental assessments and impact studies: Rigorous analyses to anticipate and minimise the impact of your projects
  3. Climate change management :
    • Identification of issues specific to your sector
    • Design of adaptation strategies
    • Implementation of effective mitigation measures
  4. Sustainable management of natural resources: Optimising the use of resources for a greener future
  5. Preservation of ecosystems and biodiversity: Developing solutions to protect and enhance natural capital

Our team of environmental experts can help you make the ecological transition, reconciling economic performance with respect for the planet.