Dr Raul Mathias Cezar, PhD.

Collaborator, Agronomy and Agroecology


Agronomist and Agroecologist, Dr Raul Mathias Cezar grew up believing that man can live in stability with the environment. To find a solution to environmental problems, Mathias chose to do agronomy, to research more sustainable ways of producing food. He was part of the Maringá agroecology group at Maringá State University (UEM), where he graduated in 2008.

Mathias worked at the Paranaense Center of Reference in Agroecology (CPRA) in the Fairs and Walks project between 2009 and 2010. This project aims at strengthening the production and commercialization of organic foods in the municipality of Cerro Azul, in the Ribeira Parana Valley.

In 2011, Mr. Cezar started his Master's degree with agroforestry systems at the Federal University of Paraná. As a part of the Department of Soil Sciences research orientation, his research was related to soil fauna biodiversity and microbiological activity in agroforestry soils.

In 2013. Mathias started his Ph.D. His focus was on soil microbial diversity and no-till soil protozoan diversity. In 2014, he had a great opportunity to deeply experiment with soil-dwelling protozoa in Germany as part of his Doctorate research. This experience led him to finalize his research on the interaction between protozoa, bacteria and soil fungi in no-tillage systems.

Today, Mathias coordinates the Agro-Ecological Web project. A project that fosters fair and solidary trade in agroecological foods. Mr. Cezar continues to seek ecological solutions for environmental stability, a humanitarian growth of biodiversity. He is involved in many projects with NGOs, universities, and government and collaborates in Brazil and abroad.

Other team members

Marion Lazarovici, Msc.


Dre Fanny Robichaud, PhD.